About Us

We're about building lasting relationships.

Paul Motor Company was founded in 1918 by John R. Paul in Charleston, SC. It owned Ford, Mercury and Lincoln dealerships where three generations worked until the businesses were sold. PMC was then dormant for nearly 20 years until in 2007, J. R. Paul's great grandsons founded it in Montreal, choosing the Palmetto tree as its logo, paying homage to the official state tree of South Carolina where it roots began. 

Founder J. Robertson Paul (Portrait in 1969)

Today, our experienced team provides car-enthusiasts with strategic leasing advice, without sales pressure. Our commitment to excellence stems from our unwavering belief in treating people the way we would want to be treated.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our dealership located at 4009 rue de Verdun, in Montreal, and helping you meet your automotive needs in the most pleasant way possible.

Original Paul Motor Co. Showroom and Service department at 147 Meeting St, Charleston, SC circa 1924.
The Paul Motor Co. Sales team in 1937.
 The founder's daughter (Lucy, and granddaughter, Helen) in 1948.