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I have experienced an excellant and exceptional service from Guillaume! I recommend them 100000% 🙏😊 They are the best!

Haila Reda

5 months ago

Amazing service top notch hands down one of the best dealers around our go to for all automotive related purchased theres fast to respond and even quicker to get deals done they understand customers needs and that is good customer service they will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction

North Face Rally

7 months ago

I bought a 2010 Jeep JK from Jeremy at Paul Motor Co. and I couldn’t have asked for a smother transaction. Everything he told me about the Jeep was right on. There were a couple of items missing and when Jeremy was informed about them, he made it right. Jeremy also set up the transport to ship the Jeep from Quebec to Lincoln, Nebraska. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to buy something from Jeremy. you can count on what he says you are buying and what he will do for you.

Danny Harkins

11 months ago

First, this is the single most positive car buying experience I have ever had. These guys aren't like a typical car dealership with hidden or extra fees. No pushy attitudes, always courteous, and quick to answer inquiries or concerns. Jeremy and the rest of his crew are true masters of their craft. Jeremy went out of his way to make sure what I requested on the car was done and in a timely professional fashion. Other car businesses should look at these guys as a blueprint for the way things should be done. Highly organized and in-house professional customizations. My hat's off and if I or anyone I know is ever looking for an exotic car, I know who to call. They beat the competition by 11 parsecs - in price and service!

Matt Tarwater

a year ago

A largely positive experience. The car was a top-notch example, sold to me at a reasonable price, and the people at Paul Motor Co. were friendly, respectful and responsive, all qualities that made the buying experience easy and for which I’d recommend the firm. Living on the other side of the country and not being able to inspect the car myself, I’d suggest to prospective buyers to take the time to do an extensive video review in the daylight, while asking detailed questions to focus in on the issues that are most important to you. When my car arrived, a few cosmetic blemishes not uncovered during our video tour of the car surprised me, which is why I’m recommending this. There was also a mechanical issue that was not identified during the independent pre-purchase inspection and which Jeremy assured me was unknown to the firm. Without proof otherwise, and because the fix was a reasonable cost and the car so nice and fairly priced, I’m willing to accept in good faith.

iChris Shelton

a year ago

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