Vehicle consignment

What is vehicle consignment?  

Vehicle consignment refers to the process of selling a car on behalf of its owner. In a consignment sale, the owner of the car (known as the consignor) enters into an agreement with a dealership or other car-selling business (known as the consignee) to sell the car on their behalf. 

Under a consignment agreement, the consignee (dealer) is responsible for marketing and advertising the car, as well as handling all of the paperwork and negotiations involved in the sale. The consignor (owner) typically sets a minimum price for the car, and the consignee is entitled to a percentage of the sale price as a commission.  One of the main advantages of consignment selling is that it can save the consignor time and hassle. Rather than having to take care of the marketing, advertising, and negotiation themselves, the consignor can leave these tasks to the consignee. Additionally, consignment selling can often result in a higher sale price for the car, as the consignee has the expertise and resources to market and advertise the car effectively.  

Why choose us?  

SELECTION. The high level of care when selecting vehicles for consignment. We are known for representing some of the best exotic cars and luxury vehicles. Our use of studio-grade photography showcases the beauty of each vehicle.   

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. We provide a personalized service with turn-key convenience including remote document signing, transport logistics and inspections.   

BENEFITS: Obtain a higher price for your vehicle and gain a tax credit towards your next vehicle. We can offer a rapid sale due to our vast international network and experience with selling across global markets. Expert guidance on pricing and assistance with financing are assured due to our singular focus on high-performance & ultra-Luxury vehicles and our in-house leasing department.    

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    Vehicle consignment